Intruder Alarm Systems are designed to protect both people and premises. Systems are configured to provide security when buildings are occupied or empty by detecting unwanted intrusion within or at the boundaries of the protected areas. In the event of an alarm condition an audible and visual warning will be initiated together with, if required, an electronic signal transmission to an Alarm Receiving Centre.

On verification of the alarm signal the Alarm Receiving Centre will alert the appropriate authorities and keyholders. OSIS Technologies provides a full range of high quality detection equipment and warning devices employing the latest microprocessor based technology and electronic signalling. Each security system designed by our highly experienced systems consultants are tailored to meet the needs of the individual client and premises. Passive infra-red, and combined microwave detectors provide coverage to internal rooms or areas.

Electronically analysed vibration detectors, acoustic detectors and magnetic reed contacts are employed to monitor attacks on windows, doors and entrances.